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getting sick

Drivers Getting Sick: What To Do?

April 6, 2020

Getting sick on the road is an issue that will always happen. Many drivers are instructed on basic self-care while on the road. Unfortunately, not many are instructed on dealing with a global pandemic. Companies have differen...Read More


Hemp Cars: Are We Ready?

March 16, 2020

Hemp is the “budding” industry of today. With many states legalizing the use and consumption of cannabis, many hemp farmers are getting in the action! So, what has the industry proven that it can do? ...Read More

electric cars

Electric Cars: The Race For Electric

February 24, 2020

Electric cars have made their first move into the industry. With major auto manufacturers ready to take on the industry shift, new developments in technology have also emerged. ...Read More


Audi: Worst Ad For Superbowl

February 3, 2020

Audi left us cringing with its new Superbowl ad. An old, overplayed song mixed with a famous star didn't cut it. The Average Superbowl ad was $5-million. ...Read More


Fatigue: Are Drivers Getting Enough Sleep?

January 13, 2020

Fatigue happens to everyone. From the daily 9-5 worker who spent the previous night "unwinding" at the bar to the barista at your corner coffee shop. It's everywhere. Unfortunately, some careers implement rougher sleep schedu...Read More


Jackknife Sliding: How To Handle It.

December 18, 2019

Jackknife skidding is an instance where the cab of the truck swings sideways at a 90-degree angle. Typically this happens during snowy conditions. Jackknife Emergencies are...Read More

Trucking Fear

Trucking Fear = The Unknown

November 25, 2019

You did it! You received your Class-A CDL license and are ready to hit the open road. The highways are your domain and you represent the high safety standards and well-being for yourself and others on your journey. There is a...Read More

Startup Fights For Freight “Personalization” for Truck Drivers

October 17, 2019

We all know the world is ruled by apps. Nobody goes to the bank to check their balance anymor...Read More

pre-trip inspection

Overlooked Checks During Pre-Trip Inspection

September 16, 2019

For truck drivers, the pre-trip inspection is an extremely vital part in ensuring your truck is in optimal health. In addition to safety reasons, you are ...Read More

toll violators

Toll Violators Finally Paying Up

August 12, 2019

Nobody is fond of paying tolls. They slow you down and take your money. But, apparently there are several trucking companies in Pennsylvania who are outright ignoring the tolls altogether. ...Read More

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