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3 Suspects Arrested for Killing Young Mother in Wilkinsburg

You are currently viewing 3 Suspects Arrested for Killing Young Mother in Wilkinsburg
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WILKINSBURG, Pennsylvania — Homicide charges have been filed against three people accused of shooting and killing a young mother in Wilkinsburg Thursday afternoon.

Warrants were filed late Friday for Laya Alana Whitley, Dane James Taylor, and Kaijin Xavier Scott.

The medical examiner identified the victim as Keiauna Davis, 27, of Wilkinsburg.

Police believe the motive was robbery.

According to court documents, Davis had received her tax return the day of her death. Her co-worker, and suspect, Laya Whitley apparently texted Dane Taylor telling him about the money.

Police say the third suspect, Kaijin Scott told them he was the one who picked up Taylor for a jitney trip. Scott claimed Taylor told him he needed to see a girl to pick up some money. Taylor directed him to drive to the Dollar General and park in the rear of the building. Scott said while waiting, he got out of the car at one point to urinate next to an abandoned home. When he got back in the car, Scott said Taylor was wearing a mask on his face and had a gun in his hand.

Scott told police Taylor received a text on his phone which said, “Go!” At that point, he followed Taylor’s directions, leading them to the victim, Davis, walking up Laketon Road. Scott was told to pull ahead of the victim, get out, and pretend to be fixing the car.

Police say that’s when Taylor got out and chased the victim toward an open lot. After she fell to the ground, a struggle ensued, and Taylor is accused of firing shots at her, before running back to the car with her purse.

All three suspects are in custody and facing robbery and criminal homicide among other charges.


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