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46-Year- Old Man Got Arrested for Stabbing a Cashier in Pittsburgh

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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA —-A man got arrested on Wednesday by Pittsburgh police for allegedly stabbing a cashier.


According to the police, the man stabbed the cashier at about 2.15 a.m. at the Smithfield News convenience store near Point Park University.


After stabbing the cashier, he grabbed the money from a Downtown convenience store.




The incident happened early Sunday, according to police authorities.


The accused man of 46 –year-old is identified as Timothy Lamar Allen. Public Safety spokeswoman Alicia George told the man is now charged with aggravated assault and robbery.


Police arrested Allen in Downtown near Sixth Avenue and Smithfield Street. Police found him there and arrested the suspect without incident.


Police reveals some details about the incident. A man later identified as Allen approached the cash register and pulled out a knife.


He started rapidly grabbing cash from the drawer, according to Alicia George, Public Safety spokesman. The cashier didn’t surrender in the beginning.


A convenience store employee tried to fight him off and got stabbed in the process.


Allan managed to take all the cash from the store.


A cashier was taken to the hospital with multiple stab wounds.




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