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Why Auction Auto Transport?


Auction automobile purchases can help you find the exact car you are looking for. Some dealers may have the model but not the color. Or some may have the model and color but not the interior color you prefer. Or there’s the more common problem people run into of not being able to locate their desired car at a price they can afford. What do you do in this scenario?

As it turns out, car auctions are an excellent alternative to going the dealer route for finding the car you want. Even better, often you can get a crazy good deal at these auctions. In fact, the only real downside is that once you uncover the car of your dreams it may be at an auction all the way across the country. Then what you do?

Auction auto transport is a service tailor-made for this increasingly common dilemma. With this kind of car shipping, a transport company will swiftly arrive to pick up your newly purchased vehicle and bring it back to you where ever you’re located. The only trick here is settling on the right shipping company. After all, you don’t want to just trust any old transport business you find on the internet.

Ship Your Car with Pittsburgh Auto Transport

Pittsburgh Auto Transport works with cars every single day. As a result, we know exactly how important it is when purchasing a vehicle to get the one that your heart is set on. And let’s face it, this quest is not nearly as easy as it seems. The car you absolutely have to have may not be in the showroom of your local dealer. In fact, it might at an auto auction on the other coast. For this reason, Pittsburgh Auto Transport offers their top notch auction auto transport.

With auction auto transport, we’ll happily go retrieve you new car at an auction anywhere in the country. This includes Hawaii and Alaska. We are 100% unbothered by how remote or far away the auction is. We guarantee we’ll return the automobile swiftly and to your door. In fact, Pittsburgh Auto Transport’s regular service is door-to-door. Plus, we offer you the option to select open or enclosed transport. Even better, if you’re new prized possession must get to you immediately, we can extend offer expedited car shipping.

Pittsburgh Auto Transport also can offer this niche service for any type of vehicle. This includes vans, buses, boats, and even more!

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