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Audi 2022 RS3’s First Look is Small, Robust, and Ready to Drift

You are currently viewing Audi 2022 RS3’s First Look is Small, Robust, and Ready to Drift
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Audi has officially revealed its all-new 2022 RS3 sport sedan. In fact, the smallest of its high-performance cars. Or, what is considered the highest-performing of its small cars. Though that does depend on your perspective.

Audi 2022 RS3 Details

The engine is an updated version of the outgoing car’s 2.5-liter five-cylinder with torque increased to 369 lb-ft from 354. Then there is a horsepower jump up to 401. In fact, the horsepower does peak after it arrives earlier. Then it does stick around longer than before, too. However, Audi has claimed a 0-62-mph time of 3.8 seconds. In addition, to a top speed of 155, 174, or 180 mph, that depends on how the car is equipping.

Audi Horsepower Strength in Numbers

There is a note on that horsepower number. Moreover, the Euro-spec RS3 is rating at 400 PS. It is that being metric horsepower. In fact, that does translate to 395 ‘Murican ponies. Audi imbues the American-spec RS3 with 5 additional metric horsepower so that the cars will deliver a total of 401.

RS Torque Splitter

The torque-vectoring rear axle is calling the RS Torque Splitter. It will give each of the rear driveshafts its own electronically controlled clutch pack. There has been a consistent criticism of all-wheel-drive Audis is that they understeer. Moreover, the four-ring brand does intend for the RS Torque Splitter to beat the competition. Audi does say you can all but eliminate oversteering but also allow for improved oversteer. In fact, the new RS3 is going to be equipped with a drift mode to provide it.

Suspension, Tires and Exhaust

There are other new features as well. One includes refined suspension and damping and more drive modes, including one called RS Performance. It is a track-only setting geared tuned to take advantage of the RS3’s optional high-performance Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. In fact, Audi does say it works well with regular tires, too. Moreover, the dynamic exhaust has a variable-position flap. It does modify the exhaust tone and the volume based on the driving mode. It has the loudest (legal) sound levels reserved for the track mode.

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