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Audi RS3 Is Ever The High-Octane Race Machine That It’s Ever Been

You are currently viewing Audi RS3 Is Ever The High-Octane Race Machine That It’s Ever Been
If you know anything about the Audi RS3, you may know that it is an expert level vehicle made readily available for the experienced racer.
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When you notice the Audi RS3, you might see that it maintains a drift mode, while allowing for a certain street cred that can only be previously said as an exclusive to rear wheel drive. The trick rear differential of the RS3 is the same as the Volkswagen Golf R upon the track. The sedan’s Nurburgring breaking the time of 7:40.8 can attest to that.

The RS3 has been honing into a whole different style of speed with eccentric lap times. The strong looks that come from the vehicle’s propulsion is well equipped to show off about enough width and speed with a good enough amount of area within the 265 millimeter section width tires, in the front and some 245s all in the back as well.

Audi put a lot of thought into making the RS3 unlike any other type of vehicle.

Audi has all these spindles and hubs came from the hubs and the frames of it as well. Just look at how the anti-roll bars are incorporated. You can notice because of this how the front track appears two inches wider, with another degree of front negative cambers.

The RS3 comes in hot this Summer at a price range of $59,995 with well-equipped strength that involves anysort of delightful pair of ceramic front brakes while also including carbon engine covers and a top speed of about 180 miles per hour. That’s all within about $5,500 of the Dynamic Plus. Additionally, there’s an addition of the RS design package allowing for fluroescent green interior details. It all adds up to about $1,500. The Tires can be head for about $450. Meanwhile, you can see the blind-spot monitoring compacted for about $350. Ramping up the price to $70,000 is certainly possible with all the additional add-ons.

Furthermore, the Audi RS3 is totally optimal for track racing. However, it’s not for the unexperienced. It’s a necessary vehicle that comes with only the best fuel economy. Combined, it’s 23, in the city, it’s 20 and in the highway, it’s about 29 mpg. Plus, when you look at the general estimates, you are certainly able to hit about 60 miles per hour in only 3.6 seconds. Drive at 8.9 seconds and you’ll hit about 100 miles per hour. The transmission is capable at about 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. When you drive the Audi RS3, you can move at about 401 horsepower at about 6,500 rpm. Meanwhile, the torque hits at about 369 lb-feet at around 3,500 rpm. What insane speeds those stats can add up to!

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