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Candidate For Independent Party Brings Up Real Solid Points

You are currently viewing Candidate For Independent Party Brings Up Real Solid Points
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Supporters from all over gathered at Highland Park Reservoir to support Marlin Woods. The dude decidedly decided on running for Mayor. This is a huge surprise as Independent Candidates rarely win these type of elections. But never say never, right? When speaking with the local news team, he mentioned that “This is the responsibility that falls upon my shoulders with the burden of solution through service. And service is merely defined as raising the quality of life for another.” The candidate prbough te

This candidate is all over the place!

He was a minister, a business consultant and a motivational speaker. His goal? To implement his product into people’s minds. What is he implementing? Leadership. He goes on, “That I can raise the quality of life for each resident and the small business community of this great city.” That’s his goal.

The focus for this candidate is essentially to get people back to work. He wants to do that by “raising small business up on the other side of COVID-19 in a post-COVID era.” His words, Not mine.

Meanwhile, Democratic mayoral candidate Ed Gainey is welcoming Woods in for an open talk. All the while, sitting Mayor Bill P

“I don’t think my credentials on handicapping races right now is at its highest stock value, so I’ll leave it up to the voters. But Ed Gainey earned the Democratic Party’s endorsement I will be there to help to support his campaign,” Peduto told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4. everything. This is all in the greater good. After all, Gainey is the first black candidate. What a strange an interesting development? I wasn’t expecting this today! What a fantastic day for all of this to happen, eh? This would be quite the honor to have done before zThey say you want to go where no man’s gone before.

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