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Chrysler Gives Hints Of New Models To Show In The Near Future

You are currently viewing Chrysler Gives Hints Of New Models To Show In The Near Future
Chrysler has a future with a massive rebranding of new models. The future holds good news all across the Stellantis brands.
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Chrysler is doing the most anyone has ever seen them do with a plan only Stellantis could create. The brand is going to make a major comeback with brand new models headlining the vehicle’s legacy. This is all with a “relaunching” unlike any other. It’s evident and apparent as they go. The Stellantis brands are arriving at the United States market. Specifically including, Citroen, Peugeot and Opel. The Chrysler brand is going to have new models that will bring the Chrysler cars into the future. This is said by Carlos Tavares, the CEO, in specific “Chrysler is one of the emotional pillars of the former FCA. It’s important for us to give this brand a future and an opportunity to rebound.”

Chrysler Needs This For Their Own Good!

As of recent, the Airflow, is going head-to-head with the Tesla Model Y, as well as the Ford Mustang Mach-E as well as Volvo XC40 Recharge. This is all while presenting company’s strategic plan. The Stellantis calls forward the Dare Forward 2030. Carlos Tavares believes the Chrysler brand is going to be fully electric by 2028. Whereas the target in the United States over all of the brands reaches 50 percent of sales in passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks by 2030.

Other plans for the other brand, being Fiat, shows that they need to do more than just keep selling the 500X Crossover. Tavares commented on it with the following statement. “We still have to think about how we make the Fiat brand rebound in the U.S. We have a couple of ideas, and we didn’t yet make all of the decisions. We have the strategic vision to invest in all the American brands [but] I have no intention to bring more brands to the U.S. right now. I think we have enough.”

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