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Famous Cars from TV

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The Mystery Machine has been seen in countless versions of Scooby Doo!
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Something that always brings people together is television. TV shows are able to cross cultural barriers, often reaching diverse audiences and being a uniting force. This means that things from these shows, such as quotes, images, and references, and so much more are able to become more prevalent in cultural lexicons and be recognized by many. Cars are one of the things from shows that usually are seen as icons for the shows, becoming famous and recognizable in their own right. Here are some of our top favorite famous cars from television over the years.

Bluth Company Stair Car

Sometimes cars are more memorable due to their unique assets. The Bluth Company car from Arrested Development is one of these cars. Not only has the car been used for many bits of shenanigans over the two rounds of the show’s run, it also is pretty recognizable due to having a set of stairs on the back end of the vehicle. The vehicle has been able to become an icon for the show, often used in place on merch and other referential spots.

The Simpsons Family Car

The pink sedan used to drive around the Simpsons family on The Simpsons is almost as popular an icon of the show as the pink donut. The Simpsons family patriarch, Homer, gets into all kinds of crazy situations with the car as his form of escape, even sinking it in a toxic pit in The Simpsons Movie.


The car taking the prehistoric family around is quite famous due to its hilarious design and mechanisms. Given that The Flintstones is set in prehistoric times, the car is essentially made of rocks and sticks and is powered by Fred Flintstone’s foot power. When they made a live action movie inspired by the animated classic show, they kept true to the original show by building an actual version of the Flintmobile to still be driven by simply running.

The Batmobile

A superhero vigilante story would simply not be complete without a high tech, luxury car to take him from place to place. That is why, despite all of the iterations of the character across TV and film, a version of the Batmobile has always been depicted. Whether you are looking at the one from the original television series from the 1960s or one of the modern movies, you can always tell a car is the Batmobile when you see it.

The Mystery Machine

Arguably the most famous TV car, the Mystery Machine, seen in all iterations of stories surrounding Scooby Doo and the Mysteries Inc. gang, is a bright and colorful van that is so easily identifiable it is almost laughable that it is used for sleuthing. The van’s 1960s inspired color scheme and design add to the lovable nature of the vehicle, making it a character in the shows themselves.

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