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Father-Daughter in Plane Crash Found Alive Huddling to Live

You are currently viewing Father-Daughter in Plane Crash Found Alive Huddling to Live
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A father and daughter were, in fact, found alive in the woods in Northeastern city and state that was after their small plane crashed on Sunday night.

Father Piloting Plane

The 58-year-old father, the Pennsylvania State Police, said, he was piloting the plane. He, along with his 13-year-old daughter, did survive the crash.

The plane did go down between the two local areas which were a half-mile into the woods. Then the investigation did reveal the plane did depart with the local airport. It did go missing on the radar after a rapid descent. Moreover, it was hard to get to a certain location.

Therefore, the United States Air Force is assisting the search. Moreover, the members were able to, in fact, ping the dad’s phone and the girl’s IPad. It led them directly to the crash site.

Father and daughter did huddle together for their warmth. That is when the emergency crews did find them. They were, in fact, what police did call a pre-hypothermic state.

Daughter Saves the Day!

“Then, the daughter did save both of them by using her iPad and her dad was cuddling the daughter to give her warmth. In fact, that is because they were both exposing to the elements. Also, they were suffering from hypothermia at the time,” Pennsylvania State Police Sgt. John said.

He has never seen a plane crash of this type end in the way it did. Especially in his 28 years of service. Moreover, he did call it a miracle.

“At first, they were very scared. In fact, the dad was very scared. Actually, it was when I first approached thinking there was an animal or something that approached his daughter,” said Sgt. Richards.

“We explained who we were that we were there to help. And immediately they start talking to us and were cooperative the whole way. They helped us every which way they could.” Moreover, both were, in fact, taken to a hospital. Though, it was not really clear where they were heading before the plane did go down.

Looking into the cause of the crash is what the FAA doing.

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