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Gallery Crawl Comes Back To The Cultural District With Art And Music

You are currently viewing Gallery Crawl Comes Back To The Cultural District With Art And Music
The Gallery Crawl comes back to the Cultural District.
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The Gallery Crawl is returning to the Cultural District.

Sarah Gilmer, the Trust’s program manager of strategic partnerships and community engagement, says that “We have some very exciting events planned as we welcome people Downtown for the first stand-alone Gallery Crawl since the start of the pandemic. Everything that will be happening is a one-time thing. Who knows when these folks will be back in the Cultural District? That’s part of what makes this multi-venue showcase so special.”

It certainly is really rare.

What is so special about the Gallery Crawl anyway?

The Gallery Crawl being in the Cultural District is to feature exhibitions all around. Specifically in four permanent galleries. This being provided pop-ups are also present. The Events are set to take place at the Trust Arts Education Center at 805 Liberty Ave. as well as Greer Cabaret Theater at 655 Penn Ave.

The Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District is of course going to be in accordance with the Health And Safety Policies of the Trust Arts. Guests have to be fully vaccinated, provide proof and wear masks indoors.

Younger guests, under 12, aren’t in need of being vaccinated but have to present a negative COVID-19 test.

The education center is hosting a pop-up about Nafasi. The University of Pittsburgh has a WPTS radio musical that it is also hosting.

The lobby will be where you can see the “Hear me out … NFT Cocktail Bar.” This is a pop-up showcasing the new wave of art collecting, trading, and creation. Visitors are able to enjoy a creative drink while learning about NFTs. Therefore to see them on display. Meanwhile having the chance to own or add to a collection.

Immersive experiences include a Matthew Schrieber laser show, a concert thrown by BLKNVMBR and “FRILLS: Glories, Excess, and Getting Weird.” Reportedly, the installation “subverts common notions of extravagance by playing with the boundaries between frill and the plainness of everyday life.”

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