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Drivers Getting Sick: What To Do?

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Getting sick on the road is an issue that will always happen. Many drivers are instructed on basic self-care while on the road. Unfortunately, not many are instructed on dealing with a global pandemic. Companies have different ways of addressing drivers who have fallen ill while out on delivery, but most follow the same guidelines.

Getting Sick Can Mean Multiple Things

While on the road, if a driver feels ill, such as a cold, allergies, etc. they, for the most part, just work through it. We all need to get to work and pay bills, so having a cold doesn’t typically call attention to major health concerns. Simply taking the essentials to combat a sickness such as drinking orange juice eating healthy foods and getting plenty of rest will help drivers recover in no time. This might not be difficult for a lot of drivers, but due to recent events, many drivers are overextending themselves. It is most important for them to make sure they are giving themselves the proper care in order to get the job done.

Getting Sick From Common Cold

The common cold follows under less severe circumstances. Make sure to keep your distance when getting out of your truck and washing your hands consistently. Again, make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, eating the right foods and maintaining an effective sleep schedule.

The Flu Or COVID-19

These take more extreme measures to ensure the health of drivers and the public. If a driver feels they have reached the point of taking sick days and they are on the road, they are required to self-isolate in their cab for 3 days. If the symptom continues to worsen, they are recommended to seek medical help.

Typically, any cold or sinus issues can be dealt with by conventional means, but for the current state of emergency, many businesses are recommending 3-day isolation. Unfortunately, this may be harder than thought. With many truck stops and rest areas across the country closing down, truckers are finding it harder to pull off and find a three-day stay. On top of that, the cab does not have the appropriate plumbing for toilets and showering. Thus even a quarantined person must leave their vehicle to simply use the bathroom or maintain basic hygiene.

Maintaining proper safety protocols while on the road will help make sure you can effectively deliver your cargo on time. For anyone who feels they may have something more serious, on call doctors have been put in place to handle such issues. Maintain a 3 day isolation and then call your local doctor to determine the next steps.

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