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Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Surprises With Gritty Handling and Bliss

You are currently viewing Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Surprises With Gritty Handling and Bliss
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The Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 has rough edges but if you mix in a steady, guiding hand, the end results are going to surpass your wildest expectations. In previous generations, the Civic Hatchback was a smart buy. Knowing how well it holds on to this small hatchback market, the formula was not messed with that has been working well for the past half-decade.

Honda Civic Hatchback – the Sportback

The 2022 Hatchback’s shape continues to be close to what is called a Sportback. It has a fast-sloping roofline. However, this time, the details are really less dramatic. This is following the 11th-gen Civic Sedan’s lead of steady and clean design. The total sum of Honda’s changes which include a lower and longer hood, full-length horizontal beltline, and full-width rear taillights together make the Civic Hatchback appear lower, wider, and sportier. What, in fact, it does lose in fake vents and additional tacked-on plastic, it does gain in absolute road presence. 

Interior and Exterior Components

Honda gives away to enthusiasts’ demands. Thus, the Hatchback does get a different honeycomb mesh grille than the Sedan. The overbite is where the Honda logo cascades into it isn’t as close or as severe, either. There is a noticeable shortening of the rear overhang (4.9 inches shorter than the Sedans) that keeps the rear looking nipped in and tucked. Also, a small diffuser is a decoration for down below. It does make more aggressive side sills offer some visual interest to the side view. However, those who do obsess over the finer details will love that Honda managed to make the new hatchback’s hinges nearly unnoticeable. Plus, the Hatchbacks do get a sophisticated dual exhaust that is not seen on the Sedan.

To some, the Hatchback is more visually appealing than its Sedan counterpart. The Honda offer 24.5 cubic feet of space may be less than the 25.7-cube max of the previous-gen car. However, it is but it’s still competitive with crossovers and very much surpasses the Sedan’s 14.8 cubic feet crossovers. In fact, it really surpasses the Sedan’s 14.8 cubic feet. Moreover, there is no space penalty with the Sport and Sport Tuning trims.

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