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How Pittsburgh Students Struggle With Campus Dining: Limited Food Options

You are currently viewing How  Pittsburgh Students Struggle With Campus Dining: Limited Food Options
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Pizza and instant noodles are the first convenient choice for university students tight on budget. Yet, Pittsburgh students want to maintain a healthy diet. They are limited on-campus dining and food deserts of Oakland and Downtown.


A senior at the University of Pittsburgh, Zuri Kent-Smith lived in the dorms for the first two and half years of his college career, including as a resident advisor. Pittsburgh student came up with the meal plan of thousands of dollars per semester.


The Pitt website lists 2018-2019 meal plans required for incoming students of between $2450-$3975 per semester.


Students from Carnegie Mellon University choose from a variety of plans that range from $2984-$3.322 per semester.


Kent-Smith is happy about the meal plans. He said they make the eating convenient and help to save money. Pittsburgh university campus doesn’t have lots of options for students with dietary restrictions. Kent-Smith had to give up being vegetarian.


The student has been complaining about ‘’really complex, abstract meals’’ provided during catering for vegetarians by campus dining facilities.


Kent –Smith lives off campus in Oakland and admits that eating without a meal plan is challenging. The area is not full of grocery stores with affordable prices.


Kent-Smith is not the only student dissatisfied with the meal options. Most snacks and hot dogs to-go offered  by the school were either fried or rich in calories.


Let’s agree that with so many vegans and vegetarians at the school is pretty rough to have united lunch. Some vegans have to get the same meal all over again.


University students chasing healthy lifestyle get around by buying groceries and cooking together with their roommates. Even available food options are not affordable for students.


‘’I keep instant food on hands, in case I don’t have enough money to buy food on campus’’.


Vice president of Student Affairs said they are trying to better cater to students. Paylo also said not many students are fast food eaters.


The lack of grocery stores is one of the reasons the campus Point Café’ serves microwavable meals.



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