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Hyundai Seven Concept Previews Ioniq 7’s Futurism

You are currently viewing Hyundai Seven Concept Previews Ioniq 7’s Futurism
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Hyundai Seven Concept is supposed to act as a preview for the pending electric SUV for the Ioniq brand. Moreover, it could lean more toward the concept side of the spectrum which is more than a production car. Also, expect the final SUV to take the design cues from the Seven Concept.

Hyundai Seven Concept and its Design

In fact, the design is really likely the largest takeaway from this concept. Then, we can start there. In fact, there are comparisons to the Ioniq 5 that is going to happen. Moreover, the “Parametric Pixel that is light that will control both in front and in the back as major design elements. Moreover, there is a narrow full-width strip that is supplemented by neatly proportioned lower pixel headlights, and ongoing the “pixel” design into a quasi front grille that is also good looking. The carmaker has said it has streamlined the roof and extra-long wheelbase. There are clear breaks from its internal combustion engine offerings. However, there is no mistake for this large, also rugged SUV. Moreover, there are sturdy and chunky fenders to make sure you do know that the Hyundai does want this car to least show some off-road capability.

Massive Rear Window

The Seven Concept does stands out the most from its rear. There is a really massive rear window that does take over the whole back, as the only other design elements are lights and a narrow lower bumper that says “Seven” on it. There’s a strip of the body going right through the glass with a Hyundai logo on it. Moreover, you should notice the logo is a bit different from that found on new Hyundai models today. It’s a white background with a body-color logo.

In fact, what is powering this concept, Hyundai says the main thing does ride on its E-GMP platform.

There is a target range of 300-plus miles is, in fact, quotes. However, there is a Hyundai which is no more specific than that. Therefore, we also don’t know how much power it is going to make. However, Hyundai does specify that charging at a 350-kilowatt charger will take it from 10% to an 80% charge in 20 minutes.

Moving to the interior is where the Seven Concept takes an even deeper trip into Concept Land. You’ll see that the interior is rather expansive it’s super easy to get in and out, and the flat floor makes it that much easier to move around once inside. 

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