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“It Was a Great Show”: Pittsburgh Fashion Week Gained National Attention

You are currently viewing “It Was a Great Show”: Pittsburgh Fashion Week Gained National Attention
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania— Pittsburgh Fashion Runway show started on September 17 at the PPG Winter garden, Downtown as a part of Pittsburgh Fashion Week. Fashion Week features three events.


It started with The Social on September 17, followed by The Panel on September 19. The final was a standing room only show called The Runway.


According to Amanda Curtis, it was a great show, very well organized.


She is a co-founder of Nineteenth Amendment, manufacturing service for fashion made in the USA.


Curtis is good at recognizing the talents. The company aims at growing brands by engaging beautiful products to consumers.


Five local designers, including Elaine Healey, Sarah Sindler, Richard Ramirez, Sean E. Matzus, and Oona Nateson joined Nineteenth Amendment with the help of Curtis.


Each of these designers has their specific style.  But all of them now follow Curtis passion for fashion by designing clothing in her beloved city.


Ramirez and Matzus of Fairchance is the co-owner of an avant-garde brand that focuses on handmade techniques, alternative vision of beauty and unusual design.


Natesam is known for her minimal and modern clothing. She uses the highlights of embroidery and focuses on contemporary cuts with Indian textile.


Healy’s line is aspired by the man-versus-machine aesthetic. Her collection combines technical process and hand-rendered techniques.


She said she really loves Pittsburgh and wants to stay there. She believes these fashion shows are about helping designers to get noticed.


Pittsburgh stylist and Art Institute of Pittsburgh fashion instructor, Suzanne Mauro, says organizing these events is about educating people about these amazingly creative individuals, mentoring them and giving them opportunities to sell their collections.


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