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Jackknife Sliding: How To Handle It.

You are currently viewing Jackknife Sliding: How To Handle It.
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Jackknife skidding is an instance where the cab of the truck swings sideways at a 90-degree angle. Typically this happens during snowy conditions.

Jackknife Emergencies are No Joke

When your truck starts to Jacknnife, it is no simple or laughing matter. If you do not know the appropriate response when sliding, then it can be costly for yourself and other drivers on the road.

Keep a Safe Distance from Other Cars on the Road

Maintaining a safe distance is crucial when your truck starts to slide. This ensures that all surrounding vehicles will not be damaged or accidents will occur. In most cases, you’re looking at a lower traffic rate due to in-climate weather, but that doesn’t mean you are safe all the time. Many surrounding motor vehicles will see that there is a problem and choose to back off, other times drivers will be trying to get around you. Be cautious and be aware of your surroundings.

Do Not Decelerate Around Turns

SlaDecelerating around turns is a bad idea. This will throw the weight distribution of the vehicle off further and make the situation far worse. Whatever control you have over the vehicle is lost. You’re instantly increasing the risk of yourself and others around you.

Brake Early

Do not slam the brakes when you start to feel your truck sliding. In a jackknife emergency, brake and glide. Utilize this method when going through long straightaways. Spread the breaking out until you have reached a stop.

Avoid Sudden Evasive Actions If A Jackknife Occurs

When running into this issue, the best way to avoid a large scale traffic backup and accidents is to avoid any quick-jolt or cutting the wheel drastically. Remember that your vehicle is one of the heaviest on the roads which means that inertia is your enemy. A sudden evasive action may not be your fault altogether as some vehicle operators will try to go around. They want to attempt going around so that if anything does happen, they will not be stuck, but it is often this measure that surrounding operators take that will more than likely cause an accident.

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