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Jaguar F-Pace R-Dynamic Black Arrives Adding Black Styling To Crossover

You are currently viewing Jaguar F-Pace R-Dynamic Black Arrives Adding Black Styling To Crossover
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Jaguar has expanded the F-Pace lineup in Europe. It has added the Black version of the R-Dynamic grade. The crossover isn’t really entirely black. Yet there are, in fact, additional gloss black elements. The prices start at $64,840.

Jaguar F-Pace R-Dynamic Black

Moreover, the F-Pace R-Dynamic Black does feature shiny black parts for the mirror caps, grille, grille surround, side window surrounds, fender vents, rear valance, rear badges, and roof rails. Also, it rides on 20-inch wheels with a glossy black finish. There are, in fact, red brake calipers. Moreover, this package also comes standard with a fixed panoramic roof and privacy glass. 

Inside, the R-Dynamic Black has Satin Charcoal Ash wood veneer trim. As well as metal covers for the pedals. Though it does come standard with the Premium Cabin Lighting feature. That will give the driver the choice of 30 colors for the illumination.

Jaguar Powertrain Options

In fact, F-Pace buyers can get the R-Dynamic Black with several powertrain options. The 2.0-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder is available with 161 horsepower (120 kilowatts) or 201 hp (150 kW). In fact, the gas-fueled 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder has 247 hp (184 kW). Also, the plug-in hybrid version of the powerplant has 399 hp (297 kW). Therefore, all of them have all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Jaguar Black Package

In fact, the Jaguar will also offer the Black package on the F-Pace SVR. It has gloss black pieces for this grille surround, also bonnet louvers, front bumper apertures, sil trims, rear valance, and rear badges. It does ride on 22-inch wheels in gloss black and with Satin Technical Grey inserts.

F-Pace Over-the-Air Update

Also, later in the year, all examples of the F-Pace will get an over-the-air update. It will allow for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. Moreover, the company is not yet setting a date for when this update arrives.

In fact, the Jaguar is also making current as well driver assistance systems. Therefore adding an adaptive cruise control with steering assist that can, in fact, maintain the vehicle in a single lane.

There is another tweak for the F-Pace is making self-sealing tires become available. When they have an integrated sealant layer. It does form an air-tight seal if something penetrates the tread. In fact, these units are available in 19-,20-, and 21-inch sizes.

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