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Karma and Their Electric SUV Leaked In Patent Images

You are currently viewing Karma and Their Electric SUV Leaked In Patent Images
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Karma is still able to produce and sell SUVs very well. Chances are that these patent pictures forgo the plug-in powertrain belonging to the Revero for a dedicated battery-electric setup. Karma and their SUV are trying to keep from losing sales from other electric vehicle makers. Such as Ford and their Mustang Mach-E, Tesla and their Model Y, Fisker and their Ocean.

Fisker, however distanced by Henrik Fisker, will be the proto that became the Karma Revero.

This SUV by Karma looks great in the patent leaks.

There are differences that Karma could pull from not using their electric competitors for low-slung looks and wide haunches. For another example, it would appear that a long hood is able to hide a sizable “front-trunk,” however it shouldn’t surprise us that Fisker is offering a plug-in hybrid variant. For the SUV there is a small displacement engine underneath the hood. This is of which may possibly be the same BMW-sourced turbocharged three-cylinder.

Likely, it is safe to assume that the most performance-oriented variant of Karma SUV offers comparable acceleration figures to the quickest Revero. Karma can go from 0-60 mph in about 3.9 seconds. With that said, we’re safe to assume the SUV is unable to match the Revero’s six-figure price tag. The SUV by Karma, stickers for a tad less than the upcoming GSe-6 sedan, due to begin around $80,000. Does that make sense to all of you electric vehicle buyers out there?

Here’s what you need to know if nothing else. The Karma SUV looks like a cool car. And you’d have to be a total dummy not to invest in getting it for yourself. It is essentially a god-like electric vehicle and that is a version of the story that you’re just going to have to accept. It’s a pretty strange time to be critiquing Electric Vehicles so just do your research.

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