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Large Vehicle Shipping: Challenges and Solutions

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You can find car transport companies all over the place. Many carriers are capable of picking up four-door sedans and shipping them all over the country. However, one of the ways that Pittsburgh Auto Transport sets itself apart from other shipping companies is that it can handle large vehicles, too. Large vehicle shipping presents unique challenges for transporters, but Pittsburgh Auto Transport has the experience to come up with the right solutions. Learn more about our methods for shipping vehicles of any size.

Finding the Right Size Carrier

The biggest challenge that car transporters face when transporting larger vehicles is finding a carrier that can handle these vehicles. Typical car carriers may not be suited to handling large vehicles. Think about it: car carriers are designed to hold exactly that: cars. Larger vehicles may either physically not fit on the carriers or exceed the carrier’s weight limits. Car transport companies that only have access to these kinds of carriers may not have the equipment necessary to handle the job.

Pittsburgh Auto Transport uses trailers with more axles than standard trailers for these jobs. Trailers that can create, say, 6-axle configurations, have more space to handle these larger vehicles. Our network of drivers and carriers means that we have access to specialized equipment that can make any large vehicle transport simple.

Having the Right Experience

If you need someone to ship a large vehicle, you want someone with experience doing so. Large vehicle transport comes with different challenges, and therefore requires different skills than car transport. You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t know what your vehicle needs, do you?

At Pittsburgh Auto Transport, we make sure that our drivers can handle any transport order we receive. This means that we look specifically for drivers with experience in large vehicle shipping to handle these orders. Many of our drivers have experience with heavy hauling, up to and including transporting large buses and heavy-duty trucks. These drivers know how to properly secure large, heavy loads on their carriers and drive with them safely. When you choose Pittsburgh Auto Transport, you won’t have to worry about a first-timer shipping something they can’t handle. Our drivers will handle your vehicles with the expert care they deserve.

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