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Mack Pinnacle™: Made To Make Your Work Days Work Well

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There’s nothing more refreshing than an older model working well against the forces of nature. And the Mack Pinnacle is no stranger to that theory. After all, it’s only one of the most durable trucks to ever traverse the planet. It has components and engineering that enable it strength unparalleled in the world of trucking.

Let’s start with the body Mack offers…

The Advantage chassis frame can handle any sort of heavy load, regardless of the type of terrain it falls on. Meanwhile, the cab has a forward axle position that can spread the load around to max out your payload. As for the center of gravity, well, rest assured it’s as low as you can go to reach unfathomable stability.

Combined, these factors make it so that the Pinnacle can promise you adaptability towards any heavy loads or steep grades slash long hauls in the field. There’s clean wheel cuts accessible for the quickest maneuvers you may need to make in this instance. A high-ground clearance also takes Pinnacle on the highway at durable speeds!

What you may not have guessed about the Pinnacle is that the truck allows for a comfort unlike any other you’ve known from Mack before. A redesigned cab welcomes you as the dash, steering wheel and the rest of the cab invites you to enjoy the journey.

Additionally, the fuel economy can make it so that regional hauls are but simple skirmishes in the shipping of life. You can also choose the Pinnacle as a useful tool for lowboy missions.

It comes with an MP 8 engine. 13-Liter, delivering 415 to 505 horsepower. The torque allows for 1460 to 1860 lb.-feet. There’s also an automated manual transmission called mDRIVE. The GVW is about near 35,000 to 62,000 while the GCW is more than 80,000.

This is a worthwhile truck. And you’d be a worthwhile person for purchasing it.

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