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Mini Maxes-Out The Features Of Their 2023 Special-Editions

You are currently viewing Mini Maxes-Out The Features Of Their 2023 Special-Editions
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In celebration of the 20th anniversary for selling their vehicles in North America, Mini has decided to gear up with three new-edition models that can very likely be available for the entire lineup. Mini has some brand new editions for each of their flagship models and it’s worth noting, considering how impressive some of these changes are.

Mini has Many Upgrades in the pipeline.

Firstly, the Cooper Hardtop shows a convertible variant that is likely to be ordered as the Resolute Edition. This comes in a painted Rebel Green with Pepper White paint for mirror caps and the roof as well. The convertible has a black cloth top. Certainly, the package is available as well on the Cooper S E hatchback which slyly evades the need for 18-inch black wheels in favor of aerodynamic 17-inch ones. This vehicle comes equipped with hood-stripes, pin-striped door-sill protectors and yellow-cream tweed upholstery.

The Countryman itself can be well tamed with the Untamed Edition Package. This applies a much needed Momentum Grey exterior color that can highlight body side graphics. In it as well, is a backlit panel that shows a mountain scene stretching all over the dashboard and Highland Green leather upholstery which can grace the seats.

One cannot simply talk about Mini without bringing up the Cooper. And what better version of the Cooper could there be than the Untold Edition. It holds Sage Green paint with a color-matched plastic body cladding, brass-accented 18-inch wheels and a striped hood graphic. Not to mention brass-accented door sill protectors and dashboard vents.

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