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New Electric Model Rises From British Car Company

You are currently viewing New Electric Model Rises From British Car Company
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MG, as many may recall, was the sensational British car company that gave the greater public such stunning models like the MGB and the Group B-Spec Metro 6R4.

It was smooth sailing until the profits sunk in the 2000s and the British marque had been revived by the Chinese company of SAIC. That company in particular selling autos off in Asia, Europe and Britain especially.

The Cyberster had been announced originally in 2021. It was to be known as a showcase car of conceptual design that had shown the new Chinese owners ideas for what the brand could be. But even then, as recent as 2021 was, the EV sports car had been totally reflective of the past as it would bring MG into the future of automobiles.

About two years later, there had been more details of the production spec regarding all electrics sports reveals. You can tell this clearly by all the patents that have been filed with the Chinese government. According to those documents, there are patent filings 4 to 6 convertibles of an electric persuasion, being powered by motors on both the front and rear axles.

As you can tell from the outside, the MG Cyberster, gives off a very subtle image when compared to the concept originally from 2021.

There is a very spacious grill that composes the Cyberster front facia as well as a pair of eager headlights ready to reflect the way. When taking a closer look, you can tell that there is also a black fabric folding roof. The filing states that it is likely to also be available in a deep, red wine color. Upon the base of the roof you were able to notice a polished black strip that is wrapped around the entirety of the cabin. And when you look at the rear of the car, notice the shark angular table that is arrow shaped tail lights. This may be cause for concern as the Mini Cooper already does this with a little to no avail.

Besides this, there are also details spoken about in the filings for a new type of performance that we haven’t quite seen yet from MG. Supposedly the cyber sister is going to show off the capacity of 150 kW within one motor on the front axle as the rear is going to fit perfectly with a second motor rated at about 250 kW of peak power. Respectively that’s about 201 hp and 335 hp in the US.

There’s not a clear likelihood that the battery alone will power, the motors so until MG makes their next press conference, we may just be speculating. Yet let it be known that the patterns do officially say the Cyberster is most likely going to peek at 200 km per hour, which would look like 125 mph in the USA.

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