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Nissan Frontier is Improved for 2022 and Includes an Upgraded Interior

You are currently viewing Nissan Frontier is Improved for 2022 and Includes an Upgraded Interior
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Nissan Frontier is an improvement in many ways. The interior is really one of the most dramatic of the changes. It has to be better than before. The 2022 Frontier is really an improvement in many ways. Plus, the interior is perhaps one of the most really dramatic of the changes. Thus, the 2021 Frontier did look like it was straight out of the mid-2000s. The competitive set which is an issue for it to clear in the midsize truck segment isn’t exactly a high one. The Frontier’s new interior is important, however, looking at the SV is a big focus. Also, there is the more luxurious and (more expensive) PRO-4X interior as well.

Nissan Frontier 2022 is Loaded with Options

There are off-road goodies the come with PRO-4X. The SV is Nissan’s mid-grade. It also does serve as an upper trim for those that are interested. Because it is loaded, it has Charcoal black leather upgrade seats. Then, without the upgrade, you’re making do with black cloth or tan/gray cloth. Also, the tan and gray two-tone doesn’t look so bad, and it might be a great choice for a truck. However, the Nissan does lock you out of its best packages if you choose not to get leather. In fact, those packages do include the $1,990 SV Convenience pack, SV Premium pack and Technology pack. That is if you are going to want all of those if you want nice things like adaptive cruise, auto high beams, the bed Utili-Track system, a moonroof and Fender audio system.

The first impressions are good. The center stack is laid out logically and is loaded with clicky buttons, knobs and switches in a very truck-like fashion. Moreover, the only touch surface is the touchscreen itself. It is an 8-inch unit — a 9-inch touchscreen with shiny black surround comes into the picture on the PRO-4X. Also, a long, traditional gear shifter sticks out of the floor and then moves with enough hefty authority to be fit for a truck.

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