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Online Classes On Top Of Laptop Passes Throughout Pittsburgh

You are currently viewing Online Classes On Top Of Laptop Passes Throughout Pittsburgh
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Pittsburgh, PA – It’s the first day of school and students already have their laptops, on top of their homework, to take care of online coursework.

Times have changed drastically since I was in high school. Don’t get me wrong. I took most of my classes in-person. But the few online courses I vouched to take in order to enjoy classmates in-person were bothersome.

Quick Tip: Never take P.E. online. You shouldn’t have to sit down to log push-ups.

I suppose, in any case, technology has vastly improved since my hey-day. We have androids holding conversations, cars running on electricity and medicine being too good to be true! Being online is a gift and a curse, depending what you’re on there for.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke all sound reasoning, taking matters into our own hacking hands has been virtually the only way to educate.

Now that school is back in session for the Pittsburgh Public School system, a call to action – or rather, an e-Mail to reply – is helping the students.

This Tuesday, Pittsburgh Public Schools hands off laptops to students without them. The laptops distributed on campus this week will help unequipped students keep up with online classes.

Twitter: @PPSnews

But due to the delivery track record, it would seem the laptops are late to class. 6,000 laptops “too cool for school” caused Pittsburgh to delay the semester.

Last Friday, around 2,800 devices arrived for students to interact online. But this was part of a shortage, establishing an additional 600 imminent to arrive this week.

Who’s On The Line For Offing Online ?

High demand is to blame for the low result of laptops in educational systems, across America. Also to scorn, manufacturers and their inability to negotiate tariffs from China.

All in all, it’s looking like going through city-mandated technology might still be too “old-school” when it comes to shipping and handling.

They could be out of shape. Maybe the laptops should take P.E. online.

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