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What is Open Car Transport?

The answer is the following: Open Car Transport is an Auto Transport Type during which your vehicle is shipped in an open trailer.  It will be safely attached to the flatbed. You may have noticed those trucks in freeways. Usually, they are double or single decker car transporting trailers.

In what cases Open Car Transport is Needed?

Open Car Transport is needed in many cases. These cases include buying a new vehicle in a different destination, moving out of state or getting a new job in a state different than yours. In addition, Open Auto Transport is one of the most common as well as cost-effective ways to transport a vehicle. It is safe and secure in general. However, sometimes it’ll be exposed to weather conditions.

We offer OpenEnclosedDoor-to-Door Car Delivery, and Expedited Car Transport services. Also, we provide our customers with services like Dealer Car Transport, Auction Auto Shipping with all this, Pittsburgh Auto Shipping can handle anything you are looking for!

Open Car Transport with Pittsburgh Auto Transport

Open Car Transport

You do not need to worry about the safety of your vehicle when you trust its safety to Pittsburgh Auto Transport. Our company provides you with full insurance. This means that once we pick up your vehicle, we become responsible for it. Therefore, you can be sure that with Pittsburgh Auto Transport your vehicle would be delivered to your desired destination in the same condition that is was picked up.

Besides, Pittsburgh Auto Transport team consists of professionals who are experts in their field. Moreover, we cooperate only with well-experienced and professional truck drivers who will take care of your vehicle as their own.

In case of help or further questions related to our transportation methods feel free to call us. Our live agents are here to provide your assistance and answer all your questions. Our free quote is also available on our homepage. Feel free to fill it out. We will review your car shipping information and get back to you as soon as possible.