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Pandemic Bonuses for Teachers are Proposed by a Lawmaker

You are currently viewing Pandemic Bonuses for Teachers are Proposed by a Lawmaker
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Pandemic bonuses that amount to $150 million will soon be introduced by legislation in the state House for teachers and support staff. This would be for their joint efforts during the Corona Virus outbreak.

Pandemic Bonuses

A proposal has been named by State Representative Mark Rozzi from a county in Pennsylvania to use the American Rescue Plan funding. That would be to distribute a one-time payment to teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, psychologists, nurses, custodians, and bus drivers. In addition to nutrition staff, media specialists, clerical staff, instructional coaches, and therapists. All have worked full-time or part-time at the Pennsylvania public school during the pandemic.

Giving Thanks to Teachers and School Staff

“Moreover, our teachers and school staff have worked so hard to provide a sufficient and engaging education for students. This has occurred as they try to find their way through virtual, hybrid, and in-person teaching models,” Rozzi wrote in a memo to colleagues.

“These dedicated individuals deserve to know that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.”

Rozzi has stressed that another state recently approved similar bonus payments.

“I understand that the monetary supplement will never be enough to really thank the teachers and staff. They have really gone above and beyond during this pandemic. I do believe it is a start. We want to show our never-ending gratitude for all that they have done. And, in fact, continue to do for our students,” Rozzi wrote in the memo.

It’s not certain when, or if, the House is going to vote on this measure.

Other Issues Due to the Pandemic Affected an Elementary School

Recently, there was an investigation to determine if a faulty ventilation system was to blame for a COVID-19 outbreak at an elementary school in Pennsylvania.

Testing positive for Corona Virus were eight students at the school.

“We have not seen an outbreak like this in a single classroom,” Amy Buckman said. Buckman is the school district spokesperson.

The second-grade class was, in fact, quarantined while the rest of the school did remain open. This was as officials did try to figure out what happened, Buckman said.


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