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Paramedics Chase Rising Number of Accidental Overdoses on Fentanyl

You are currently viewing Paramedics Chase Rising Number of Accidental Overdoses on Fentanyl
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Paramedics and EMTs have responded to an exploding number of accidental overdoses. In many of the surrounding suburbs of Pennsylvania, there have been actively reporting in these cases. In fact, these first responders have seen an increase in calls. They are suspected of overdoses due to the lethal drug fentanyl. Moreover, the opioid crisis is exponentially mounting by the day.

Paramedics and Overdoses

The increase to people is they do not know they are buying fentanyl. This is according to Karen Plavan of the recovery organization CLEAR.

“In fact, they may actually think they are buying cocaine. When there is Fentanyl in it,” said Plavan. Moreover, they may actually think they are buying heroin, and it might be therefore laced with fentanyl. Also, they may, in fact, think they are buying methamphetamine, and it may be lacing with fentanyl.”

Paramedics: Fatal Overdoses are on an Upward Trajectory

In 2017, overdose deaths reached 737 in Allegheny County. But in 2018, they receded due to the reversal drug Narcan. Yet, in the past two years, fatal overdoses have risen again. Yet, they are on a grim pace in 2021.

Fentanyl and COVID-19 Pandemic

Fentanyl and the pandemic are listing as reasons that have lead to the rise in drug addiction and alcoholism, according to Plavan.

Isolation is Brutal and Detrimental Addicts and Alcholics

“What’s worst for addicts and alcoholics is the isolation,” she said. “Moreover, we have had lots of people at home. That will, in fact, lead to anxiety and depression.”

Opioid Crisis Rears it’s Head in Society Again

Moreover, it does appear the pandemic and fentanyl have both combined to bring about a sad comeback in the opioid crisis. Unfortunately, the work for the first responders shows no evidence of slowing down.

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