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Past Presidents Come To Town This Weekend To Get Voters Voting

You are currently viewing Past Presidents Come To Town This Weekend To Get Voters Voting
Voting is being encouraged by our past presidents.
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It’s more important now than ever to make sure that our voters in town, young and old, are aware that voting makes a difference. Why is that? Well, for many reasons. But if nothing else, the Presidents of Past administrations have something to say about it. They’re going to be coming to town to encourage voters to hit the polling booths while showing support for various candidates that are running for the midterm elections.

Who’s coming to town?

President Barack Obama is going to speak at Schenley Plaza in Oakland around noon on behalf of Democratic Senate Candidate, John Fetterman. Meanwhile, closer to the evening. We’re expected to hear from President Donald Trump about how great the candidates of Republican candidate for Senate, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Republican candidate for governor, Doug Mastriano are as possible candidates for the open seats.

It’s a pretty important year for midterms.

With seven open senate seats in the 2022 midterms, no incumbents are running. From all of those, three of those seats are in swing states where a Republican senator retires. In Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina as well.

The United States are within the middle of a decades long streak where both parties are lacking the proper representation. All the races matter in the political landscape of Pennsylvania. All while there’s a divided dynamic. The primaries are very important.

When you look at the abortion debate, it’s totally possibly that it will motivate voters this year, according to experts. But much less in the primary. They anticipate for the issue to keep capturing voters’ lead-up to November.

Democratic voters have to keep in consideration to be positive about abortions. Senators themselves took a vote on May 11th to push forward with a federal law that could preserve abortion rights. Even though the Supreme Court overturns the Roe v. Wade. There wasn’t a likelihood that it wasn’t going to pass with a Democratic and every Republican voting no, similarly as it was from last time senators voting on it in February.

It’s generally about 80% the divide of Democrats and Republicans as there’s a look to see those nominee each time. Independents, as Indie as they are are, are also looking for familiarity with the candidates that they look for.

Turnout is looking very low in the race for voters to participate.

When you notice who is in the Republican primary, you’ll find it very intriguing for election watchers as they serve for a collective of differences in the party itself. Of course, the likely Republican nominees, it’s not likely that they have been approved in past races. The United States is now in the middle of a decades-long streak where both parties don’t have 60 or more seats.

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