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Pittsburgh Braces for Potential Record-Breaking Heat Wave

You are currently viewing Pittsburgh Braces for Potential Record-Breaking Heat Wave
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Pittsburgh may experience temperatures as high as 100 degrees this week for the first time in about three decades, as stated by Matt Brudy, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Moon. The last time the area saw 100-degree weather was on July 15, 1995, he mentioned. According to Brudy, several records may be broken due to the heat, making this week significant for Western Pennsylvania. Brudy forecasted that Monday’s highest temperature could reach 96 degrees, with temperatures gradually rising throughout the week. Tuesday is also expected to reach 96 degrees, with a potential high of 97 on Wednesday, and 100 on Thursday and Friday. Brudy also mentioned that the heat indices could be even higher, ranging from 100 to 105 degrees, which indicates how hot it will feel outdoors.

He emphasized that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will likely be the primary days for this, with Wednesday and Thursday being of particular concern. “The heat will make it feel extremely humid and hotter than the actual air temperature,” Brudy explained. “This will lead to very dangerous heat index values.” Additionally, Brudy noted that there won’t be much relief at night once the sun sets. According to Brudy, the expected low temperatures will range from the low 70s to mid-70s from Monday to Friday. “It’s the combination of extremely high daytime temperatures and minimal relief at night that will worsen the impacts,” he explained. Regarding the upcoming weekend, Brudy stated that it is still too early to make predictions.

However, he anticipates that temperatures will remain in the 90s, with heat index values reaching the upper 90s and low 100s. Brian Hutton Jr., a meteorologist at WTAE, suggested that the region will likely continue to experience the heat until Saturday. “There is uncertainty about when a cold front will arrive, possibly on Sunday or Monday, to finally bring relief from the heat,” he said. “Temperatures will then return closer to normal at the beginning of next week.” As of now, high temperatures are expected to persist through Sunday, with Pittsburgh cooling down to the 80s next Monday, Hutton added. Potential Records Apart from the possibility of reaching 100 degrees for the first time in nearly 30 years, Pittsburgh may be on track to break several temperature records this week. “We have a variety of records that could potentially be broken due to the prolonged heat,” Brudy stated.

According to Brudy, there is a high likelihood that all six National Weather Service Pittsburgh climate sites in the region may set new all-time records for the highest temperature in June.

The six climate sites within the region maintained by the National Weather Service include Pittsburgh in Moon, DuBois in Clearfield County, Wheeling in West Virginia, Morgantown in West Virginia, New Philadelphia in Ohio, and Zanesville in Ohio. Brudy stated that many of these sites could approach the records for the highest number of consecutive days with temperatures exceeding 95 degrees this week. In Pittsburgh, the current record stands at six consecutive days, as per Brudy. This occurred twice: once from June 14 to 20, 1994, and before that from August 5 to 11, 1900. Brudy mentioned that the National Weather Service has maintained official records for the region since 1875.

During this time, the Pittsburgh site has recorded temperatures of 100 degrees only 21 times. This week could potentially increase that number to 22 or 23, depending on how many times the temperature surpasses that threshold, if at all, he explained. Since 1875, Pittsburgh has experienced 100-degree temperatures on consecutive days only three times: twice for three days in a row and once for two days in a row, according to Brudy. “This week’s potential is quite rare,” stated Brudy. Jill Szwed, a meteorologist at WTAE, mentioned that Pittsburgh also has a strong chance of tying or surpassing daily record highs from Wednesday to Friday. WTAE’s forecast indicates temperatures of 93 degrees for Monday, 95 degrees for Tuesday, 96 degrees for Wednesday, and 95 degrees for Thursday and Friday.

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