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Pittsburgh Police Officer’s Killer Charged

You are currently viewing Pittsburgh Police Officer’s Killer Charged
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PITTSBURGH, PA – The killer of a well-respected Pittsburgh police officer was arrested on Monday. The suspect was charged with shooting Officer Calvin Hall. However, authorities will not release any additional information at this time.

Christian Bey is the man responsible for killing the officer. Pittsburgh Police Department’s Major Crimes unit Cmdr. Vic Joseph expressed the joy arresting officers felt when placing Officer Hall’s handcuffs on his killer.

The 30-year-old murderer did not have much to say while handcuffed. But reports show that he lived across the street from where the shooting took place. Additionally, Bey has a criminal record that spans 12 years long.

He also served time in jail for various crimes over the years including, possession of drugs, illegally carrying a firearm, fleeing, conspiracy, and corrupt organized crimes, just to name a few. Bey was also released from jail under state supervision back in May 2017.

Officer Hall’s service was held at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall. The slain officer’s sister expressed how “overjoyed” she was when she found out a suspect had been taken into custody.

Additionally, she conveyed the great deal of pain her mother feels. But is also very thankful to the city of Pittsburgh for showing love and support during their time of grief.  

Furthermore, Hall’s sister called Bey a coward and uttered, “may God have mercy on your soul.”

According to Police Chief Scott Schubert, Hall was killed on the morning of July 14. He was shot three times in the back on Monticello Street in Homewood.

Likely the officer was shot while trying to break up a fight, said Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, because that is the kind of person he was.

Furthermore, authorities believe that Hall was “acting under the color of the law,” however no further details have been given.

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