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Polaris Teams Up With Zero Motorcycles To Make Off-Road Vehicles

You are currently viewing Polaris Teams Up With Zero Motorcycles To Make Off-Road Vehicles
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Have you ever ridden like a hi-ho silver into the deep dirt of America’s backyard? Well, rev up your engines because chances are that Polaris Power Sports and Zero Motorcycles are joining forces. Together, they plan to make an electric revolution! This is part of an “exclusive, 10-year agreement.” Therefore, this will kick off an array of electric off-road vehicles. The company plans to keep producing until 2030.

This will go on with the power of Zero’s powertrain technology. It will be soon a reality to reimagine electric versions of every product. Snowmobiles and off-road included. The brands are looking to possess Electric Vehicles in a whole new way.

Of course, experts in the field have their doubts. The level of consumer trust within the Electric Vehicle department is uneasy. Electric snowmobiles have their hurdles, additionally. From the possible weakness of lithium-ion batteries in the cold, low temperatures to the unlikely inefficiency of the internal-combustion engines. There’s so many factors of error it’s impossible to tell someone out of the loop.

Polaris and Zero Sitting in a Tree… Making Electricity

Polaris CEO Scott Wine knows how to engineer vehicles that can survive off their own worth. This will be done whilst proving to be better than combustion engine counterparts. “Any customer that wants to buy an electric powertrain product in power sports can buy it from us.”

With Zero as their hero, Polaris wants to take off-road and power sports off the gas nozzle and into the 22nd century. “We feel like we can take our entire portfolio and also offer an electric powertrain alternative.”

Zero is the “Tesla of motorcycles.” They’ve the technology to sell electric vehicles that work.

Other announcements of electric motorcycles have come and gone but very few are able to be bought. When Zero releases their line-up with Polaris, however, it’s sure to be a shock.

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