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Preparing a Boat for Transport

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At Pittsburgh Auto Transport, we can haul anything you need hauled to any destination. This includes boats! As the summer sun heats up, many Pittsburghers will want to take their boat out on the water. Whether you’re making the trip all the way up to Lake Erie or just trying to see a new part of one of Pittsburgh’s three rivers, Pittsburgh Auto Transport can help you haul your boat. However, you’ll have to set it up for us to do our best work! Here are our tips for preparing a boat for  transport.

1. Secure everything

While it’s also good practice to remove any personal items from the boat before shipping, not everything needs to come out of your boat. However, everything does need to be secured well. Make sure that you go through your boat thoroughly before transport and secure anything loose. You’ll have to make sure you check above and below deck, as both can present problems with unsecured items. Something unsecured above deck can fly off during transport, creating a road hazard. And unsecured items below deck can wreak havoc on your lovely boat! So make sure everything is tied down, taped down, or removed from your boat.

2. Batten down the hatches

The first tip was about protecting other people from your boat; this one is about protecting your boat from outside forces. Battening down the hatches is one of the most obvious ways of preparing a boat for shipping, but it still needs to be done with care. Securing your hatches by tying them down or taping them shut ensures that nothing can get into your boat while it’s on the road. From bad weather conditions to rocks kicking up from the road, anything can happen during the transport process. Making sure your hatches are closed tightly can help prevent the worst of the damage.

3. Take pictures with your boat above the water line

We ask all of our customers to take clear pictures of their property before we transport it, and boats are no exception. Taking pictures of your boat ensures that you know the exact condition it’s in before you entrust it to us. That way, you’ll know if anything happens to your boat during the transport process, and you’ll be able to prove it to us. It’s important to do this once your boat is out of the water because that way you can get pictures of the whole boat, not just what is usually visible. We take great pains to ensure that anything we transport stays safe during the transport process, of course, but we can’t protect against anything. Taking pictures ensures that all parties involved know when any damage occurred and, therefore, who’s responsible for it.

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