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Rachel Levine Becomes the First Openly Transgender Federal Official

You are currently viewing Rachel Levine Becomes the First Openly Transgender Federal Official
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Rachel Levine, the former Pennsylvania Health Secretary, is the nation’s assistant secretary of health. The U.S. Senate has confirmed it.

Rachel Levine: Openly Transgender Federal Official

Levine has won the Senate confirmation. Mostly along party lines, the final vote was 52-48.

Top Health Official Since 2017

Since 2017, Levine had been serving as Pennsylvania’s top health official. In fact, she becomes the public face of the state’s response to the Corona Virus pandemic. Now, she is expecting to oversee Health and Human Services offices and programs across the U.S.

Rachel Levine Exhibits Expertise and Leadership

Tom Wolf, the Pennsylvania Governor, congratulated, Levine, saying: “Moreover, both before and after the pandemic, Pennsylvania owes a great deal to Dr. Levine’s expertise and leadership. In fact, the nation is lucky to have her strength, experience, and compassion in which is such an important role in the Biden Administration.”

President Joe Biden was Wowed by Levine’s Know How

Citing Levine’s experience, President Joe Biden said that is why he was nominating her in January.

Steady Leadership and Essential Expertise

Biden said Levine will in fact bring the steady leadership and essential expertise we in fact need to get people through this pandemic. It doesn’t matter what their zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability is,” Biden said.

Rachel Levine: Historic Breakthrough

Hailed as Levine’s appointment as a historic breakthrough by transgender-rights activists. Moreover, few trans people have ever held high-level offices at the federal or state level.

At a challenging moment for the transgender-right moment, the confirmation vote came. This affects legislatures across the U.S they are mostly under Republican control. There is an unprecedented wave of bills targeting trans young people. No political party is perfect or without some fault and accountability. This is really a sad state of affairs.

Female Scholastic Sports

Introduced in at least 25 states, one type of bill, seeks to ban trans girls and young women from participating in female scholastic sports. Society is diverse and should be inclusive!

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has signed one such measure into law. Thus, other similar measures have been sent to the governors in Tennessee, Arkansas, and South Dakota. This is disappointing and tragic.

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