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Senator Doug Mastriano, Who Was at January 6, Urged to Resign

You are currently viewing Senator Doug Mastriano, Who Was at January 6, Urged to Resign
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Doug Mastriano, a Republican state senator, who was on the scene when a violent mob of fellow President Donald Trump supporters besieging the U.S. Capitol should resign, the top Democrat in the Pennsylvania Senate said Thursday.

Senator Doug Mastriano Wants What is Best for America, not Violence

Supposedly Senator Doug Mastriano’s words and actions since November have encouraged a coup attempt. In fact, inspired and motivated the people behind it. This is according to Minority Leader Jay Costa, Democrat-Allegheny. In addition, at least eight other Senate Democrats have said Mastriano should step down.

Senator Jay Costa Presents Evidence Against Senator Doug Mastriano

Questioning the integrity of our elections without evidence, taxpayer resources have been wasted with sham hearings. They claim fraud without proof. Yesterday, he was intimately engaging in the protest at the nation’s capital, Costa said.

Senator Doug Mastriano did not Enter the Capital

From Franklin County, Mastriano has not returned multiple messages in the past two days. Yet he said in a statement late last Wednesday that he did not enter the Capitol. Nor go beyond police lines and he stated when he said it was apparent that this was no longer a peaceful protest. He also said his wife and him left the area.

Decrying Violence

Mastriano said he did not support the violence in a video message. He, in fact, decried the mob’s attack on the police. He and his wife had to drive through Washington traffic to get home.

Putting Mastriano’s Name Through the Mud with Hyperbole

Senator Vincent Hughes, Democrat-Philadelphia, said Trump and Mastriano were “proudly fanning the flame of insurrection.” What a crock! Last week, Mastriano traveled to Washington D.C. to see the fruits of his efforts and admire his work.” Talk about twisted logic!

Cooler and More Reasonable Heads in the Senate Prevailed

There is no basis for the Senate to remove Mastriano according to Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, Republican-Centre.

Corman said Mastriano was assuring him that he did get involved in any unlawful activities.

Busloads of people who went to Washington last Wednesday were organized by Mastriano. But he did not ride in one of those buses himself.

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