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Shipping Motorcycles: How We Handle Your Bike

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At Pittsburgh Auto Transport, we don’t just handle cars. We handle vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and that includes motorcycles. Motorcycles are great fun to ride around on, but they’re also obvious targets for shipping over long distances. After all, long motorcycle road trips can be taxing, grueling, and even dangerous. Therefore, many people choose to trust their bikes to us for transport across long distances. Here’s how our team handles motorcycle shipping.

Motorcycle Transport Starts With the Trailer

Like with cars, trucks, and vans, motorcycles are eligible for both open and enclosed transport. These two services provide your bike with the excellent treatment it deserves, but they do differ slightly. Let’s examine the two.

Open Transport

If you choose to ship your motorcycle on an open trailer, then it’ll be far cheaper for you. Open trailers are easier to come by than their enclosed counterparts, and they can fit more vehicles at once. With these trailers, we’ll be able to fit more vehicles at once, driving down the cost of shipping for you. Plus, motorcycles are lighter than most other vehicles, allowing us to ship heavier vehicles than usual. This will make your shipment even cheaper!

Enclosed Shipping

The only major downside of open transport is that it leaves your bike exposed to the outside world. If that’s a dealbreaker for you (don’t worry, we’ll understand), then you should get one of our enclosed trailers to handle your motorcycle. With these trailers, your bike will have complete protection throughout its journey. No rain, snow, hail, road debris, or other environmental hazards can get to your motorcycle in our enclosed trailers!

Securing Motorcycles for Safe Shipping

The hardest part of motorcycle transport is making sure that you secure the bike properly so it doesn’t jostle around during transit. Because motorcycles are lighter and more top-heavy than most cars, we need to make sure that they’re not going anywhere. Our drivers know how to use straps to ensure that your bike won’t go anywhere. Sometimes, this will mean that your motorcycle will get its own little platform that helps ensure it won’t move at all. Sometimes, it just means a series of tightly-tied straps that won’t allow your bike to fall over. We wouldn’t be very good at what we do if we couldn’t guarantee that your bike won’t have a scratch on it. So, we take great pride in being able to say that your bike will be safe with us, no matter what!

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