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Should You Choose Open or Enclosed Auto Shipping?

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Enclosed auto transportation makes your car the VIP!
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When getting started on the road to a move, there are a lot of different things to consider. You have to think about what moving company is best for you, if you should simply rent a U-Haul and drive your things over, or if you should have your cars shipped or drive them yourself. One thing we can definitely help you decide on is having your vehicles shipped because it makes the moving process 100% easier for you! When you have your vehicles shipped, especially by us, you reduce your moving stress to almost nothing! With the decision to have your vehicles shipped, there is one more decision you need to make: should you have your vehicles shipped with open or enclosed auto transportation?

With open air auto transportation, you have the luxury of always shipping your vehicles together!

When you ship with our open air auto transportation, you are always able to ship your vehicles together. Our drivers have trailers that carry as many as eight vehicles, so this means if you are a family with several cars, they can all be shipped together so that everyone gets their cars at the same time. Additionally, because of the nature of the shipping having less parts involved, it is a less expensive shipping option, making it even better for people with multiple cars to ship! With this all said, we have still worked tirelessly to make sure that no matter what, your vehicles remain safe and well protected! The only thing you may need to do when you get your car is take it for a nice cleaning, since it may get a little dirty on the road!

With enclosed auto transportation, your vehicle gets the luxury treatment!

If you have a high end, vintage, or sports car that you want to make sure always stays in pristine condition, then enclosed auto transportation is the service for you! Our team of drivers ship with trailers that are fully enclosed, with four sides that essentially create a room for your car. This keeps your vehicle away from natural forces while driving, meaning if the shipping takes your car through rain and/or windstorms, it does not get affected at all. It saves you a trip to a car wash and a risk of messing up your luxury vehicle.

No matter which service you decide is best for you, we guarantee that there is no auto shipping provider out there that is better than us! Call us today for more information or to get your vehicle scheduled for shipping now!

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