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Spring Driving Tips

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Potholes come out of hiding in spring.
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Spring is upon us and that means getting into another season of changing around the way in which one drives. Seasonally we have to make some adjustments in our driving simply to make sure we are adequately prepared for the road conditions that are to be expected each time of year. Spring’s driving is rather straightforward, but nonetheless, here are some of our top tips to make your driving easier this season!

Expect More Road and Roadside Activity

Spring in most places in the United States is when the weather is finally starting to warm up and this brings a lot more people outside. Animals also are out and about more, as those that hibernate for winter leave their dens and the rest start moving around to start enjoying the warmer weather. This means that pedestrians are around the road more often and animals could run onto the road at any moment. Be aware of your surroundings and ready to react in case anything happens. Additionally, bicyclists are on the road more so be prepared to share the space with them when there is no bike lane. Construction work also increases, often taking up road space, so look out for signs and follow the directed path if there is one.

Anticipate More Potholes

Erosion from winter weather causes a lot more potholes to form. The way the cold affects the road opens up the avenue for more erosion as does things like salt place on the road to make driving on winter roads easier. However, when potholes form in the winter, they often go unnoticed because of rain, ice, and snow. As it warms up, potholes become visible so be aware of them and adjust your driving accordingly when you see one. That is to say drive slower or go around them if possible.

Avoid Gravel Shoulders

Rain can cause erosion of roads in general, but especially gravel spaces. The water can cause it to wash away, leaving barren ground underneath. As much as possible, stay off gravel shoulders until they are redone, as the ground is softer and worse for your tires.

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