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Man Suffering From Stab Wound Crashes Into Building

You are currently viewing Man Suffering From Stab Wound Crashes Into Building
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PITTSBURGH, PA – A stabbing victim crashed into a building Sunday night in Pittsburgh’s Larimer neighborhood, according to police. Officers from the Zone 5 station were responding to reports of a stabbing on the 6400 block of Frankstown Avenue. They arrived to find the victim inside a vehicle that had crashed into a storefront.

First responders took the unnamed victim to a local hospital . His injuries were non-life threatening. He underwent surgery for his wounds.

Additionally, the building suffered serious damage.

Investigators have not had the opportunity to speak with the victim and are currently seeking the public’s help. If anyone has information, they are encouraged to call police at 412-323-7800.

In fact, in many of the counties surrounding Pittsburgh, there’s more violent crime per capita than in Philadelphia.  According to statistics, Pittsburgh has a crime rate that is 92% higher than the Pennsylvania average and 37% higher than the national average. Also, the city’s violent crime rate is 109% higher than the PA average and 71% higher than the national average.

Consequently, in 2017, the FBI created a new violent crime task force in order to curb the increase in bank robberies, murders, and kidnappings. “These violent crimes often times involved deadly weapons, drugs, and drug trafficking and we need to send a message to our community that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.” says Assistant Special Agent Chad Yarbrough.

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