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Startup Fights For Freight “Personalization” for Truck Drivers

You are currently viewing Startup Fights For Freight “Personalization” for Truck Drivers
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We all know the world is ruled by apps. Nobody goes to the bank to check their balance anymore. You don’t call a restaurant to order food. And you certainly won’t be looking for job posts in the paper anytime soon.

Now, the trucking industry can also turn to an app to help drivers find their next big gig.

The New-York-based startup is called Transfix and, the founders just announced the inclusion of two new products on the app that will allow truckers to “personalize” their jobs.

Even though “personalization” has been around for quite some time, it has been only recently that tech companies have turned their attention to the $80 billion industry that is trucking.

“In trucking, it’s really hasn’t been applied yet and that’s where we can apply those concepts through those new products,” said Transfix CTO and cofounder, Jonathan Salama.

The two products that the startup has announced are My Lanes and Reserved Loads.

My Lanes will allow truck drivers to get specialized recommendations based on their preferences. For example, the kind of freight they want, their preferred rates and routes, specific pick-up or drop-off locations, etc.

Meanwhile, Reserved Loads are exclusively offered to top-performing carriers. These allow the best truck drivers to call first dibs on loads that fit their profiles. The option is only available for 60 minutes, though. After that, it expires.

Transfix has already changed the market for truckers and it currently is the third-most downloaded app in the trucking community.

In the wake of the efforts this startup is making to improve the digitalization of freight, many other companies are also fighting to get a part of the market. Among them, you can find Convoy and Uber Freight.

What do you think about these improvements? Do you care about “personalization” as a trucker? If you have any experience with Transfix or any other trucking app, don’t forget to leave it in the comment section!

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