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Tech Salary Skyrockets In The Area As 2021 Shows Growth

You are currently viewing Tech Salary Skyrockets In The Area As 2021 Shows Growth
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Wouldn’t you know it? In a world that is dictated by technology entirely, we have the highest increase in percentages of the one thing that matters more to computer gurus than motherboards and terrabytes: A Tech Salary. This was indicative from 2020 to 2021.

This is all thanks to Dice. No, not Andrew “Dice” Clay, the comedian. We’re talking about just a report from Dice, the platform that connects techies with jobbies. Of course, the Pittsburgh area received an influx of improvement within the 2021 tech salary boost. Such a boost occurring after the 2021 report shows a tech salary of $98,304. This would therefore be a fourteen percent increase from the year before, with a large increase being comparable to other tech hubs. Twenty-five of them to be exact. In which case the platform would rank cities overall by their overall tech salary.

In such regard, Pittsburgh came in at Number 19!

It’s there that we saw the top three salaries were at $133,204, $118,729, and $115,510, respectively. This is quite the revelation being that Pittsburgh, home of the Pirates and the Steelers, feel pirated from and stolen from, regarding all their hard work. It seems to matter in great lengths. And to be totally honest, it almost feels like Pittsburgh should really consider striking against the Tech Industry. It all matters a great deal. Tech salaries of any kind are what keeps the economy moving in these modern times. If you ever want to get ahead of the suckers, tell them to get into learning C++. See what they say.

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