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The Suburbs Drive Mid-Atlantic State Population Growth

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The suburbs in a local city in its Mid-Atlantic have continued to attract new residents. Also in another local city, the population grew at a healthy clip. However, the rest of the state’s 67 counties lost people over the past decade. This is according to new population data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Pennsylvania is Growing in Residents

As a whole, Pennsylvania did add about 300,000 residents to surpass 13 million. Though, its poor 2.4% growth rate cost the state another U.S. House seat. The specific Census data that was released on Thursday will be used to redraw the boundaries of Pennsylvania’s state legislative and congressional districts.

Suburbs in Pennsylvania Counties Increase in Population

In a neighboring Pennsylvania city, the population rose by 5%. That is nearly 78,000 residents up to 1.6 million. While two of its suburban counties grew even faster.

Suburbs: Some of the Minority Communities Show Exponential Growth

The African-American and White populations have shrunk. Thus the city’s Asian and Latino communities have exploded in size.

Older Population is on its Way Out

“It’s really for a host of reasons. That population is, in fact, aging out,” said Charles Gallagher, a sociology professor at LaSalle University. “Moreover, in the White and Black in the region, they tend to be older than Latinos and new immigrants.”

People Move on to Find Work More Plentiful

People also tend to leave the area for great job opportunities.

Additional Factors

The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with growing gun violence and even gentrification may, moreover, have been additional factors contributing to this decrease. Moreover, the city could have, in fact, received even more funds than what they will get.

“The more residents that finish their census, the more we get for the federal government for housing, education transportation, for food insecurity, and all the issues we’re facing in the city,” said Richardson.

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