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Trump’s “Thunder and Lightning” is Leaving Congress

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HARRISBURG, PA – Responsible for some of Donald Trump’s popularity In Pennsylvania, Tom Marino, is looking to leave his nation-wide political career. Affectionately nicknamed as part of the “thunder and lightning” duo by Trump, the distric will be sad to see him go.

After five-terms, this Republican Congressman is resigning a few days after the start of a new term. Interestingly, Marino was one of the main reasons for Trump’s success in Pennsylvania.  From now on, he’ll be continuing his career in the private sector. So, why is Marino resigning? Especially after his sector’s re-election in November. Sadly, the answer is unclear.

At sixty-six–years-old former county and federal prosecutor was an early supporter of Trump. Nominated in 2017, Marino became the nation’s drug czar. Therefore, he was known for his attempts at balancing the public’s access to medication with the government’s efforts to stop abuse.

Consequently, filling Marino’s seat has created a power vacuum. Currently in first place to take his seat, Democrat Tom Wolf. Thus, Congress will create a schedule for a special election. However, the district that the congressional seat will cover includes about 15 counties and Republicans outnumber the Democrats in the state by over 100,000. As a result, many citizens won’t be happy if a Democrat is places in a Republican’s congressional seat.

After taking about 20 years in the national sphere, Marino is focusing more on working privately to make political change. Unfortunately, his constituents aren’t happy by the sudden resignation. Therefore, most of  those in the district are hoping for another Republican, but only time will tell.

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