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Travel Bubbles = Post COVID Traveling

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Travel bubbles are a new way for agencies to boost their sales during the current pandemic. Traveling has been put on an indefinite hiatus since the events of COVID-19 took global focus. With virtually every country experiencing some form of “stay-in-place” procedure, this has not been opportune for industries that revolve around getting people to new places and sights.

Many businesses have changed how they will implement traveling procedures once travel bans have been lifted. Focusing instead on “travel bubbles” to give people a safe place to fly to.

Travel Bubbles = What They Mean

Essentially, businesses are looking to send people to where the pandemic has been least hit (or not at all). Although this seems like a good idea to start the economy, the industry will need to take extra precautions to ensure travelers are safe.

In some places (like Las Vegas) travel bans have been lifted. Las Vegas, for example, typically draws an annual 40-million visitors per year. Since the COVID-19 crisis has struck the world, this number has drastically dropped. Nobody is gambling, seeing live shows, or going to check out many of the other attractions that the city provides. It has exceptionally hurt the market for that area and many local businesses are looking to bring people back in.

Travelers See An Escape

For many, self-isolation is now over a month. Others, even longer. The thought of this pandemic being over has given may people the travel itch. This provides those who receive testing and screening to leave their homes. Many want to see something far more than just their living room. Other methods are currently under testing. Virtual tours have been offered to the public. Zoo’s, gardens, and museums are going digital.

Unfortunately, this still means that they must see these sites from the safety of their living rooms and homes. But traveling might have a light at the end of the tunnel. With so many looking to travel, how long can the ban hold in order to stop the spread of the virus?

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