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Truck Transport

truck transport

Pittsburgh Auto Transport is a licensed and bonded auto shipping company that ships vehicles to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we have a professional staff of well-experienced professionals with the knowledge and skills to safely and professionally transport trucks to and from any city in the United States. We combine high-quality service with cost-effective pricing to offer the most reasonable, highest quality transport routes in the industry. Here are some of the types of trucks that we often ship:

♦Service and utility trucks

♦Tow trucks and dump trucks

♦Antique, classic, and vintage trucks and pickups

♦Firetrucks, garbage trucks, and larger service vehicles

♦Box trucks, platform trucks & flatbed trucks

♦Compact, mid-size and full-size trucks

♦Semi-trucks and commercial trucks

♦Flatbed, hauling and delivery trucks 

Cost Factors In Truck Shipping: Weight, Equipment & Transport Type

Size & Weight– Weight and size are one of the main factors in defining the cost of transport, mostly because they can differ so much from one vehicle to another. There’s a big difference between shipping a pickup, an F-150, and a cement mixer truck because of the variance in sizes and weight.

The Type of Transport– The other factor impacting the cost of transport is the type of shipment you will choose. There are many types of car transport: open car transport, enclosed car shipping, expedited and door-to-door. So, the cost of your car transport depends on the car shipping type you will choose to transport your vehicle. For instance, open car transport is our cheapest service.

Location & Destination– the cost of car shipping depends on the delivery destination as well.  Some routes that are more regularly traveled tend to be less expensive than others (for instance Florida to New York is a standard delivery route that offers more choices and cheaper pricing than others). This is especially true for cross country as well as long-distance truck shipping.

We Guarantee the Safety of Your Vehicle

Pittsburgh Auto Transport gives a 100% guarantee to your vehicle. We provide full insurance to any vehicle that we ship. Besides, we cooperate only with well-experienced and professional truck drivers who know how to ship your vehicle safely and securely.

Pittsburgh Auto Transport-when you don’t need to worry about the safety of your truck!