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Water and Sewer Authority is Charged with Clean Water Act violations

You are currently viewing Water and Sewer Authority is Charged with Clean Water Act violations
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The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has many violations of the Clean Water Act to sort out. Wednesday, November 18th, they announced there were charges that require addressing. This, of course, is regarded in the most serious degree of the matter.

After all, it’s necessary to protect the liquid and sewer authority from such unworthy contamination and filth. For whom else is it a clean and pure source of public consumption than for us human beings? Hark! One might even say we deserve to drink from the spigot of God!

Simply put, we operate better as humans when hydration enters our anatomical nations. As of a result, people need to drink a clear liquid at all times to maintain some rational thinking about the otherwise dehydrated wits we so loosely ignore.

Water is a healthy resource that protects our bodies wholly and unconditionally.

Our bodies have over 70% water. Therefore, we need to maintain that balance of electrolytes in our systems. The water can affect energy levels and brain function. It may relieve constipation. In turn, the liquid can also aid in weight loss. However, it can maximize physical performance.

Water and Sewer Authority Plea Agreement

Furthermore, U.S. Attorney Scott Brady said a plea agreement agreed upon at a news conference.

Thirdly, the PWSA says the violations are related to the Aspinwall liquid treatment plant to the Allegheny River. Therefore, reporting violations retains the residuals. So, it would only be logical to go to the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority for treatment.

Compliance Issues Brought in the Investigation

The PWSA made it known that “both compliance issues… have been going through rectification. In fact, there is no impact on… the drinking liquid.”

“Moreover, the individual indicted in the investigation has not worked at PWSA since March 2017.”

Decades of Disinvestment in PWSA’s System

Will Pickering is the CEO of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.

“[They’re] an unfortunate product of decades of disinvestment in PWSA’s system.. The disinvestment in the people will be responsible.” Pickering confirms this to be factual.

“Under new leadership, PWSA has financial resources. Therefore, to specifically invest in the aqua treatment plant. They are working with the U.S. EPA to make sure that the authority and its employees [work] with all environmental laws,” Pickering said.

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